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The Perfect Penmanship For Your Narrative

The wordsmiths at LA Book Publishers provide ghostwriting services that make your ideas shine on the pages, giving your story the potential to adorn the bestselling shelves.

LA Book Publishers for Ghostwriting Services?

LA Book Publishers sports ghostwriters committed to crafting your narrative with precision and skills. Our professional ghostwriting services provide professional assistance that transcends boundaries, making LA Book Publisher the best choice for your ideas and story.

Complete control over your project

We ensure that you have complete control over your project. We look forward to your approval and feedback at every step of your project execution.

100% Ownership rights

The idea behind your book is solely yours. Thus, you retain 100% ownership of your creation. We don’t claim any rights or credits for their assistance.

Tailored Packages to suit your budget

We have multiple ghostwriting packages designed to suit your budget. We want every author to publish their books without breaking the bank.

A diverse team for every genre

We have a team of ghostwriters to cater to every genre. From fiction to educational literature, our writers are armored to write with perfect precision.

End-to-end services

From supporting you in the initial ideation to making your book reach your readers, our ghostwriting services are designed to support you every step of the way.

Excellence across every genre

At LA Book Publishers, we pride ourselves on our dedicated team of professionals with a diverse range of expertise, allowing us to seamlessly adapt to the unique demands of each genre. Whether you're penning a heartwarming love story, crafting a mystery plot, delving into the sci-fi realms, or revisiting history, we have the knowledge and creativity to bring your vision to life in every genre and niche.

A Pathway to Success Through Convenient Process

  • Get on board by filling out a simple form
  • Meet & greet with the Project Manager
  • Get and approve your project scope
  • Writing and collaboration
  • Final approval and delivery of the ghostwriting project

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of Ghostwriting services?

Our process begins with your order placement. Next, we assign a dedicated project manager who keeps you in close coordination from the start to the finish of the project. After taking your project details, we provide you with a project scope or an outline that maps out your entire project with the timeline. A ghostwriter specialized in your genre is assigned to your project. The writer completes each chapter/section and sends it to you for your approval and feedback. We do not move forward unless you do not approve the completed section. Once, the ghostwriting is completed, we work on its formatting, cover design, and publishing based on the unique requirements of your project.

No! A ghostwriter remains a ghost. Therefore, we call it ghostwriting. Our company and team do not retain or claim ownership rights or credit for your work at any time.

Yes. We value your privacy, and our services remain 100% confidential. We never use or share any information or ideas you provide for your project. You can read our comprehensive privacy policy on our website. Furthermore, we can also sign a disclosure agreement at the time of order placement for further assurance.

Yes. Rest assured; it is entirely ethical to acquire ghostwriting services. The most crucial element of content, whether book or any other form, is the idea behind it. As the initiator and author of your work, it is always your idea. Ghostwriters just give words to your ideas. The ghostwriting services are designed to convey your wisdom, vision, experience, or story to the right audience through the right words.

Our book coaching services are designed to perfectly suit your requirements if you are looking for assistance and mentoring on writing and publishing the book. Our editors can provide a comprehensive editorial review of your book, help you develop the plot, flow, and structure, and polish your manuscript till it is ready according to international publishing standards.

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