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LA Book Publishers provides all the services you might require to publish your book successfully. From ghostwriting to formatting your final draft and marketing strategies after book publishing, we cover every aspect to enthrall your publishing expedition.

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Our wordsmiths craft content in all niches and genres. Whether you want blogs that convert or story that resonates with your audience, our professional ghostwriters are skilled in writing content that will align perfectly with your vision.

Editing and Proofreading

Our editing services are comprehensive. Editors at LABP evaluate your manuscripts with keen eyes and then provide you with an editorial review, suggesting the editing your content requires. We scrutinize your work to provide the editing that makes your prose perfect.

Book cover and illustrations

Our team of creative graphic designers believes in innovation. They bring the x-factor in your book covers and illustrations to make your reader fall in love with them at first sight. See the essence of your vision in the book covers and graphics we design.

Formatting and Typesetting

LABP has a track record of 100% successful publishing. We believe that the visual presentation of your content comes from professional formatting and typesetting. Our experts format your book professionally, making it acceptable for platforms like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Book Publishing and Promotion

Our team at LABP does not just publish your book on globally renowned platforms but also provides strategic post-publishing services to boost your outreach. Publish your book and share your story with readers worldwide with LA Book Publishers.

Book Coaching and Consultation

Book coaches and publishing consultants at LA Book Publishers are industry experts. They possess deep knowledge of every genre and niche in the publishing industry and guide you throughout the process with a deep understanding of your unique project needs.

Your professional partners in transferring your creative thoughts on online platforms. Self Publish with a Flair!

Begin your publishing journey with LA Book Publishers at your side. Contact us to acquire the best publishing services in the US and become a published author on platforms like Amazon, KDP, and more.

LA Book Publishers- A Publishing Company with a Diverse Portfolio

Our portfolio showcases books from every genre. From fiction to comics and children’s books to biographies, our publishing company covers them all in the best way possible.

Looking forward to self-publishing your book on Amazon and other global platforms! Don’t worry about the technicalities.

You have landed on the right place if you are looking forward to get your book published

Catering To a Great Quantity Of Genre

We breath life into your stories

You create stories, and we help you share them with the world. Our portfolio encompasses all categories of fiction books, including romance, drama, mystery, and many more. Join hands with LA Book Publishers to get your fiction on platforms like Amazon and KDP.


We have supported many writers to enjoy sharing their life journey with our Biography Publishing Services. Publish your biography with LA Book Publishers to embalm your life experiences on self publishing platforms. Let the world know your success stories.


Publishers at LA Book Publishers are immensely inclined towards social contributions and, therefore, put great efforts into children’s book publishing. Our portfolio reflects the same. Accompany LABP to encourage the young generation to develop valuable reading habits.

Publish comics with aesthetic flair

LABP comics portfolio is a treasure trove of superheroes depicted in vibrant graphics and compelling scripts. Each comic in our portfolio reflects the passion of our illustrators and writers. Give life to your hero in your own story, publishing your comics with LA Book Publishers.


LA Book Publishers’ non-fiction portfolio consists of real-world narratives from some of the most extraordinary thinkers and writers. We welcome aspiring authors to present their unique concepts and join the ranks of our published non-fiction writers.

Cherish your life Memories

Share your experiences with the world and keep your memories alive with LA Book Publishers. Our memoir writers are skilled in making your memories alive with compelling words.

Why LA Book Publishers?

Choose our comprehensive service for an efficient and successful publishing experience. We aim to support and empower aspiring and veteran authors to live their literary dreams, connecting them to their readers like no other.

Dedicated Project Management

LABP assigns dedicated project managers to support you throughout your publishing journey. Your project manager ensures close collaboration between you and the LABP team so you have complete creative control over your work.

100% Rights and Royalties

LA Book Publishers and its teams never make any claims to share ownership rights or royalties. The idea behind your book is solely yours; hence, you remain the sole owner of your book. We also provide a non-disclosure agreement to ensure transparency.

Round the Clock Support

Our representatives remain on their toes to answer all your concerns and queries at any time. You can reach us by phone, email, or chat through the contact details provided on our web pages. Your project managers stand by your side from ideation to publication.

Tailored Packages

We believe that one formula doesn’t fit all. Our services are customizable to suit your project needs. Likewise, we offer tailored packages so every writer can become a published author regardless of the budget size and pay dates.

Convenient Processes

LA Book Publishers ensures that our clients enjoy all the convenient aspects of self-publishing. Therefore, from signup to publishing and promotion, we keep every process of our publishing services comprehensive yet straightforward for our clients.

Diverse Expertise

Our teams of editors, writers, publishers, and coaches are experts from all walks of life. A team from diverse backgrounds, equipped with industry knowledge, provides end-to-end services, making your publishing expedition a breeze.

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Acquire the best self-publishing services near you and become an independent author on renowned platforms like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle Direct Publishing, and more. Leave all the worries about the technicalities of self publishing behind you and focus on your creative work to bring forth the best version of your idea to your global audience.

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"LA Book Publishers made my publishing dream a reality! Their team is not just professional but also incredibly supportive. From editing to design, every step was a breeze. I'm so grateful for the way they helped me to bring my story to life and publish my book. Highly recommend it for authors seeking a caring partner! "

Emily Browns

“Working with LA Book Publishers was nothing but exciting and successful! These people know how to turn manuscripts into brilliant books. The energy and creativity they brought to my self publish project were amazing. If you want your book to stand out, just hire them! Excitement level: through the roof! "

Lara Simmons

"LA Book Publishers delivers results, plain and simple. No fuss, no frills, just top-notch publishing services. Their team streamlined the process, providing expert guidance at every turn. If you're serious about publishing a book, these guys are the real deal. No regrets, just results! Zachary Milton"

Zachary Milton

"Choosing LA Book Publishers was the best decision for my book. Their guidance from start to finish was impeccable. They're the team that delivers results."

Dr. D. Solomon Developer

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