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Realize your dream of becoming a published author with LA Book Publishers. Our Book publishing services ensure your book rises and shines on all the renowned publishing platforms.

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The rising trend of self publishing has made it easy for writers to publish their books on popular platforms like Amazon Publishing and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). However, you can only gain the maximum benefits if your manuscript is polished perfectly with immaculate editing, professional formatting, and a captivating book cover. LA Book Publishers has a team that can take care of all these technical details, leaving you carefree to enjoy your literary dreams.

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Experience seamless coordination with a dedicated manager. From beginning to completion, your project’s success is ensured through streamlined communication and meticulous oversight.

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We assign your project to expert editors, formatters, designers, and publishers specialized to meet your project’s unique demands. Our adept selection process ensures a perfect match between your project’s needs and the expert’s skills.

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Our aim is your satisfaction. We seek your feedback and approval at every step of the way. We don’t mark a project as completed before ensuring it aligns with your vision.

Become a Published Author With our Ghostwriting Services.

If you are a writer with a dream of becoming a published author, LA Book Publishers has the best solution with its comprehensive publishing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I opt for traditional publishing or self-publishing?

Self-publishing offers greater creative control, quicker time-to-market, and higher royalty rates. It empowers you to oversee every aspect of your publishing, from design to marketing. Moreover, it is more convenient and cost-effective to reach a global audience without the hurdles of traditional publishing.

Print-on-demand publishing involves printing a book only when it’s ordered, eliminating the need for upfront orders in large quantities. This is particularly beneficial for authors who want to avoid high upfront costs and storage concerns.

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a distinctive 13-digit identifier for your book. It ensures unique identification of each version and format (e.g., hardcover, ebook) of your work. Separate ISBNs are needed for different editions. It gives you greater control over the distribution of your work, making it an excellent choice to reach a wider audience through various channels and formats.

The book publishing process differs according to the project requirement. Yet it generally involves key steps that begin by discussing a proposal containing your book idea, outline, and sample chapters. Once you approve the proposal and the outline, our experts start rounds of editing, followed by typesetting, designs, and publishing.

The cost of publishing varies based on different factors, such as the platform you choose to publish your book, the add-on services you opt for, etc. However, if you acquire the right publishing services for your work, you get the maximum return on your investment. Publishers at LA Book Publishers not only seamlessly publish your work but also provide effective promotion and other pre and post-publishing services to bring out the maximum potential of your book.

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