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Explore the best cookbook publishing services at LA Book Publishers and spice up your writing career with recipe books that will unleash the inner chefs in your readers.

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Savor the Success with our Cookbook Publishing Services

Cookbook publishing is a dynamic sector with an enduring appeal for food lovers worldwide. According to the sales data from the Association of American Publishers, cookbook sales exceeded $945 million in 2020 within the US. It reflects that your recipes can not only evoke inspiration and promote cultural diversity but can also enable you to enjoy the lucrative market of the genre.

With our cookbook publishing services, we empower aspiring chefs and culinary enthusiasts to share their expertise and passion with the world, tapping into this ever-evolving market. Our illustrators spice up your recipes with mouth-watering images that captivate readers. At the same time, our experts know how to create a top-notch recipe book by combining your culinary skills with our professional publishing services.

Share your love for food worldwide. Let Your Recipes Shine with Our Cookbook Publishing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a professional chef to publish a cookbook?

Not at all! We provide cookbook publishing services to everyone, from culinary enthusiasts, home cooks, and food bloggers, to professional chefs and veteran culinary artists. Our experienced team works closely with you to ensure your cookbook meets industry standards and your unique culinary vision comes to life.

Yes, we offer comprehensive support, including food photography services. Our team of experienced food researchers and photographers collaborate with you to create visually stunning and delicious recipes that will captivate your readers.

We provide you the final book in multiple formats with typeset, proper page size, margins, and artwork that are ready to be printed. You can have them printed and delivered just by clicking the option on the publishing platforms.

Publishing recipe books is an independent niche in the publishing industry. You can either sell your culinary expertise through traditional cookbook publishing companies or self publish your recipe book on renowned platforms as an independent cookbook publishers, which is a cheaper option. Cookbook publishing cost is a bit different than other books as it is a picture book with systemic text. It means you often have to invest in illustration services to enhance the appeal of your recipe and overall book.

However, this investment gives you a substantial return as readers prefer to read recipe books with vibrant pictures of the prepared recipes. You can explore Amazon to see some published titles where vibrant images of prepared recipes, along with the other aspects of a recipe book, took them to the best-selling levels.

Cookbooks is a non-fiction genre with various sub-genres. Cookbook sub-genres are mainly categorized by their target audience. For instance, if your recipes are from Asian culture, then the sub-genre of your cookbook will be Asian or oriental cuisines, or if they are convenient comfort food, then the book will become a young adult cookbook.

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