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The top 10 websites to read digital comics

top 10 websites to read digital comics

There was a time when comic readers had to scavenge book shops, libraries, and other such avenues to find good comics. But the advent of self published comic books has made it easier for comic lovers to quench their craving from the comfort of their couches. Here is the list of top 10 websites to […]

How to Publish a Cookbook in Simple Steps

Self publish a cookbook

Whether you are a food blogger planning to bring your top recipes to the literary market or a foodie who wants to take your cooking experience from the kitchen to the shelves, self-publishing is a great way to accomplish your mission. This article guides you to publish a cookbook on Amazon or other online platforms, […]

How to Self Publish Comics in 3 phases?

How to self publish comics

Curious how to self publish comics this year? Here is how you can do it! Comic books are graphic novels and stories where the writer depicts his story and dialogues through images. However, these pictures are not like standard illustrations. Even though they don’t move, they are not entirely static. They depict the characters and […]

How to Self Publish a Dynamic Children’s Book in 2023

children book publishing

Children’s books are one of the most value-adding genres in the literary world- the best source to elicit reading habits in youth. These books have more illustrations and less text because vibrant and children-friendly visuals are more comprehensible for young minds.  Consequently, you can self publish your children’s book and easily convey meaningful messages to […]

How to Successfully Self Publish Your Book in 2023

Self publishing

How to Self publish Your Book in 2023 Self publishing is rapidly gaining popularity, particularly for authors who want to share their ideas with the world, no matter how complex and controversial they are. The $1 billion self publishing market revenue evidently shows that it has become the first choice for many authors. By self […]

How Self Publishing is Better Than Traditional Publishing in 2023

books on self publishing

Once you are ready to share your story with the world, it is crucial that you know the best way to do it. It is essential to evaluate the drawbacks and benefits of the platform you want to choose to showcase your work, particularly now, when you can reach your audience through multiple publishing methods. […]