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How to Self Publish a Dynamic Children’s Book in 2023

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Children’s books are one of the most value-adding genres in the literary world- the best source to elicit reading habits in youth. These books have more illustrations and less text because vibrant and children-friendly visuals are more comprehensible for young minds.  Consequently, you can self publish your children’s book and easily convey meaningful messages to the youth by incorporating your story with illustrations that are appealing to the kids.

If you have any such message, children book publishing is the best route to take. However, you must know your way around the technicalities to successfully see your book up on the platforms for your readers. To make things easier for you, this article guides you through the self publishing process, one step at a time, so you can effectively share your message with young minds in 2023.

Why self publishing?

Nothing is 100% perfect in this world- the same applies to self publishing. There are disadvantages, such as not having a publishing agency on your back to strengthen your launch. Nevertheless, self publishing has profound benefits, making it more suitable for authors when it comes to children book publishing in 2023. Some noteworthy benefits are:

  • Complete creative control
  • More share of royalty
  • Less restrictions to following industry norms, such as the standard 32-page requirement for picture books.
  • Quick publishing process

All these benefits and more are sufficient to encourage you to become an indie author.

Identify your niche from children book categories

It is natural to get carried away in the flow of your narrative. But remember, it is crucial that your message reaches young minds, which is only possible if they understand your narrative. So, identify the category of your children’s book before writing so you can craft your book accordingly. The entire publishing process, from editing to formatting and designing, is based on the category of your children’s book. Here are the main types of children’s books:

CategoriesAge GroupWord CountNumber of Pages
Board Book0-4 yrs.Less than 10016-24
Picture Book4-6 yrs.200-50024-32
Non-fiction Picture Books5+ yrs.10000-3000032-64
Early Readers4-6 yrs.300-120032-48
Chapter Books6-10 yrs.1500-1000048-80
Young Middle-Grade Books6-10 yrs.15000-25000100+
Middle-Grade Books10-12 yrs.25000-50000180+
Young Adult Books12+50000-90000240+

As mentioned above, although self publishing gives you free rein over your book to decide the number of pages and word count, writing children’s books out of the boundaries of your target audience’s comprehension ability will do you no good. So, following the word count and page numbers criteria will take your book closer to your target readers.

Edit your manuscript for children book publishing

Error-free content, a coherent flow, and an appealing plot are non-negotiable factors in any book, regardless of the genre and target readers. This can be achieved by getting your manuscript edited by professionals. Professional editors review your manuscript and consider the following factors to determine the type of editing required for your project.

  • A clear story arc
  • Character’s depth
  • The alignment of tone with the target audience
  • A smooth flow and transitions.

If the editor finds these things up to the standard of a good book, your manuscript does not require developmental editing. However, proofreading and copyediting are crucial and cannot be skipped.

Why hire a professional editor?

Besides the benefits of professional screening, a professional editor sees your book from the readers’ perspective. Book coaches explain that the more time writers spend with their manuscripts, the more committed they become to it. This scenario becomes a barrier in creating a book that resonates with readers who read it from their own perspective, not knowing the author’s mind. Here, enter editors with industry experience who focus on highlighting the book’s message, fine-tuning structure, and enhancing the word choice, keeping the target audience in mind. 

Since only an expert children’s book editor can offer these valuable insights, it is imperative to invest in hiring professional editors to complete your publishing process successfully.

Hire Professional Children Book Illustrator

The success of a children’s book heavily depends on the visuals, both cover and interior illustrations, not only for the appeal but also for better comprehension. Since visuals are more understandable for young minds, illustrations have more significance in picture books. Their readers are very young. In these books, illustrations are not only meant for appeal but also act as your narrative, enclosing your story and the message into the 32-page format based on double-page spreads. Even the best illustrators need the know-how of children’s book format to plan the cover and internal illustrations aesthetically and precisely. Therefore, hire a professional illustrator with a publishing background to illustrate your book successfully.

Formatting & Typography

Creating a children’s book is not just about patching together texts and illustrations like a PowerPoint presentation. It requires careful attention to every aspect of the book’s layout design, also known as typesetting. Factors such as margin size and typeface selection play a pivotal role in holding the attention of young readers ensuring their engagement.

Moreover, the power of typography in children’s books cannot be understated. It’s essential for visualizing how a layout designer contributes to the project’s success. It is necessary to ingeniously arrange the text around the images, resulting in captivating and delightful outcomes.

For those attempting a do-it-yourself approach, it may not guarantee the production of a professional-looking children’s picture book or chapter book. Even though Amazon offers a formatting tool called the Kindle Kids’ Book Creator, it is better to hire a design and layout expert to create a book that genuinely fits the purpose and resonates with young readers.

Choose your publishing platform.

At this point, after formatting and typesetting, your book is ready to be published. It is now time to share your creation with the world, and for that, you need a publishing platform. Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Barnes & Noble, and Book Baby are popular platforms where you can easily publish your book.

However, the matters of opting between print books or eBooks, print-on-demand or bulk publishing, acquiring ISBN, and other technicalities can hinder your publishing process. The best option is to find the right children’s publisher for your work for a smooth and successful publishing. It’s crucial to invest time in researching those who specialize in your specific genre and Children’s book category to increase your chances of success in the children’s literary world.

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