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The top 10 websites to read digital comics

top 10 websites to read digital comics

There was a time when comic readers had to scavenge book shops, libraries, and other such avenues to find good comics. But the advent of self published comic books has made it easier for comic lovers to quench their craving from the comfort of their couches. Here is the list of top 10 websites to read digital comics where you can enjoy your favorite genre at a time and place convenient for you. However, we first shed some light on the pros and cons of digital comics to understand if there is any difference in experience between reading a physical copy and an online version.

A Brief Insight into Online Comics

Online comics are just a digital way of reading traditional comics.

In the current era, a plethora of creators are self publishing comics on renowned platforms, making it accessible to comic readers around the globe. Let’s ponder over some pros and cons of self published comics.


  • Easy accessibility: You can easily find the type of comics you want to read on comics websites like comiXology and download them to read. There are various platforms where you don’t need to download and can read them directly on the website.
  • No restriction associated with keeping hard copies: Those who are avid comic readers do not stop at one book. Their craving for more stories keeps them on the hunt for new books. As a result, they need a place to store the hard copies of their comics. However, with the advent of digital comics, they no longer need to worry about storing and maintaining paperbacks that can easily lose the vibrancy of images over time.
  • Easy to share: What’s the fun in reading comics if you cannot share your favorite ones with your fellow comic lovers? Although you can exchange hard copies, sharing a link over a text message with your friend in this digital era is easier. Moreover, you can share your enthusiasm for comics on social media platforms, sharing the links and digital comics with the world.


  • Device Dependency: For some people, collecting comic books is a lifelong habit. So, despite the popularity of online platforms, they prefer to buy hard copies. Also, a reader must depend on a device to read comics online, which sometimes ruins their comic experience if the battery dies away or other such instances occur when they are immersed in their comic.
  • Ads and Commercials: Online comics often come with ads as third parties sponsor these platforms. This can disrupt your comic readers when they are enjoying their experience.

Despite the few disadvantages, digital comics are still more convenient since almost everyone has mobile devices and laptops where they can download them or read them directly online on their browsers. Here are the top sites where you can access the latest and most popular comic books.

The top 10 websites to read digital comics.

The following websites are your go-to places if you are a great fan of digital comics.

1.    Read comics online


Read Comics Online is one of the best sites to read DC comics. However, you can read other comics, too, from various creators and genres. You can search for your favorite through the advanced search options, including alphabetical order, latest release, categories, and more. The resonating aesthetics are another plus point of this website, making it well-paced at the top of this list.

2.    One Million Comics


One Million Comics is the second platform in the top 10 websites to read digital comics from all major publishers, including Marvel, DC, Image, and Vertigo. The User Interface is clean, with search options in alphabetical order. Overall, it is a good place for comic readers, whether you want to read mainstream superheroes or obscure books.

3.    Get Comics


Get Comics is third on the list and an excellent hub for Marvel and DC comics. Besides DC and Marvel, Get Comics has an extensive library with issues from a plethora of small and big publishers. Consequently, Get Comics has a very strong audience base that covers all demographics due to the vast range of comics. One downside of this website is that you can’t read the comics directly from the browser. It means you must first download them to read your favorite comic from this site.

4.    ComiXology


Comixology by Amazon is one of the best on the list. With over 200k comics on the platform, Comixology is the favorite of many readers. Most comics are available on the same day of printing, which makes it a top choice for those who want to read their favorite comics as soon as they hit the market. Comixology has various versions of its app compatible with Android and iOS. Another noteworthy thing is that you can also become a part of this site by self publishing comics here. Read our blog to know how to self publish comics.

5.    Amazon Best Sellers


Amazon, the globally popular brand, itself offers the bestselling comics on Amazon Best Sellers. These comics in Kindle format can be bought buy and downloaded from the platform. You can choose your preferred comics by reading the reviews, which significantly help you make purchase decisions. The only catch is that you will need a Kindle device or app to read these comics in kindle format.

6.    Drive Thru Comics


Drive Thru Comics is the 6th on our list. Although you won’t find big names like DC and Marvel in their catalog, a wide range of comics are available from different genres and styles. You can read the initial few issues for free. If you like the series, you can buy the later issues from your nearby comic stores. The layout is appealing, providing the option to scroll to browse for more series. You can narrow down your find your comic by genre, publishers, and formats to easily find the comic you are looking for.

7.    ElfQuest


This award-winning comic has been around since the latter part of the 1970s. Every issue published prior to 2014 can be accessed for free on the site. Additionally, there are other series that follow the spinoffs and story arcs of various characters. The layout is pleasant and facilitates a convenient search for the different issues for the series.

8.    Digital Comic Museum


It includes free comics online that you can read for days, and while the characters and titles may be unfamiliar to you, they are entertaining to read. One thing worth mentioning is if you’re on the hunt for modern comics, this is not your site. Aside from that, everything about the site is excellent, which you can see for yourself once you’re in.

9.    Dark Horse Comics


Dark Horse Comics has one of the largest online comics libraries. You can access free comics online in their free section. You can visit the section every week to see what new items have been added to the collection. The majority of them have many language options, including simplified Chinese. You must first create a free account to read your favorite digital comics on the site. It only takes a minute to make, so it will only be a one-time inconvenience. Dark Horse Comics also provides apps for smartphones and tablets. Dark Horse’s most well-known original titles include “Sin City,” “Hellboy,” and “The Umbrella Academy.”

10. The Internet Archive


This website is the last but not least on our list. With tons of free comics online, the structure of the website is very appealing. There aren’t many major issues here, but there are some hidden treasures (particularly if you enjoy manga). Now, for the most significant part, because of the vast number of comics and novels on the website, searching for a specific comic or character name may be your favorite pastime. Rest assured, it receives millions of visitors each month, demonstrating its popularity.


The article provides you with the best sources in form of top 10 websites to read digital comics where you can quench your thirst for comics every day, and that too without the restriction of time and space. Read comics online and enjoy your favorite hobby with ease!

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